We know talking about mental health can be uncomfortable.

That’s what we're here for. TIACS is a free early-intervention, short-term mental health service, available to all, with no GP referral required.


Want to go the extra mile? Consider hosting your own fundraiser, or participating in someone else's, to raise money for TIACS!



Visit our website for more info on how to get involved and share our cause through downloadable posters and social media content.

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By giving a donation you will be helping blue collar workers and their communities access mental health professionals when needed.



Mental health doesn't have to be complicated

TIACS is dedicated to not only providing mental health support for those who need it, but starting conversations and promoting a positive culture surrounding mental health.

By supporting us, you're supporting our mission to be a part of a happier, healthier, and more honest community.

Your support counts.

TIACS wouldn't be able exist without the help of our wonderful community.

With your help, TIACS can continue it's mission to start conversations surroudning mental health among Australia's blue collar workers and those who care about them.

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