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Hey Folks,

After 5 or so years it’s high time I had a haircut! So I’m shaving my head completely!

With the support of some mates I have decided that I shouldn’t go it alone and quietly just get a haircut so for the next few weeks I’ll be fundraising to support tiacs who provide free access to mental health services.

Mental fitness and support services are near and dear to my heart so I’m fundraising to help provide assistance for those that need access to counselling services or just someone outside their normal lives to have a chat with.

We all experience low points in our lives and often it’s difficult to know when and where to engage with a professional. Tiacs provides easy and free access to professional support for anyone who needs it and it’s as simple as making a call or sending a text to get the ball rolling.

All donations are welcome, appreciated and go to a great cause but most importantly the best contribution you can give is to check in with yourself and your mates. 

Spending a moment to have an open chat or appreciate yourself is hands down one of the best things you can do to keep on the up and up.

This fundraiser will run until the end of July, final date to be confirmed so follow along and I’ll be posting updates over the next few weeks!


Thank you to my Sponsors


Peter Theilemann


Elise Traynor


Lulu X

Leave the furry to me. :) Amazing cause, and good luck!


Kim & Mick Traynor

You had better buy a beanie Mitch!


G Payne

Proud of you!


Kaitlyn Houghton

Nice work Mitch - we will have to get you a beanie!


Carlos Melo


Donna Dollie

Good luck Scratch!! All the best with this mate. Start some epic conversations and hope your fundraiser is a success - Donna ;) TradeMutt


Cody Pieper

I'm going to miss the hair 😭 but worth it!





You go glen-coco!


Gemma And Thom

Hope you bought a beanie.


Donna Dollie

Good luck Scratch!! All the best with this mate. Start some epic conversations and hope our fundraiser is a success - Donna ;) TradeMutt


Jordan C

Good work Mitch!


Sarah C



Maggie M

Can't wait to see your new look!


Kurt Butler



You legend! :)



Love your vibe dude, awesome work!




Sarah L

I'm gonna miss your hair, but what a great cause to lose it to.