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By Jay Chun Tie

I'm fundraising for...

Tiny Towing started a fundraising initiative in 2022 as part of their commitment to the wider community and as part of the family's Motorsport journey. The #skidsforkids and #donutsforgrownups initiative will showcase a different charity every few months. 
This round we have decided to do a fundraiser for 'This is a Conversation Starter'. The charity is close to our hearts - Jay is a Tow Truck driver by day and Cherie is a Welfare worker who teaches Suicide Intervention and Mental Health First Aid. Mental Health support is so important and Tiny Towing wants to help in any way they can to make it more accessible to the community. 
Tiny Towing will be donating 10% of any merchandise profit and game royalties and 20% of winnings from comps in Tiny Towing for the fundraising period (about end of April/May 2023).
We are hoping others might be interested in supporting this wonderful cause too. Please make donations via the link, we'd rather you know exactly where your money has gone to rather than accepting cash donations.

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Spotto57 is very happy to support my mates. It ain’t week to speak. 🖤💚🦾


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Advanced property services Cairns is happy to Donate to such a great cause. 💚